Hey everyone! I’m Ellen, AKA the Elle behind this little blog ♥

When I had originally started really making a place for myself on the endless space known as the Internet, it was in my “early years” cough cough 2013 & 2014, and it was simply because I needed a place to copy down my thoughts and to practice writing everyday, and even then it wasn’t really blogging, as I had done it on Google Docs & a lovely game I had been obsessed with called Stardoll (yup, don’t even ask). Now, I’ve decided to formally “blog”, even though this will be more of lifestyle journal ranging from everything that follows me and my life (plus confetti, sparkles and lots of cats!), and hopefully soon yours too 🙂 

I love taking pictures, writing, reading and honestly just spending time on the internet, as well as follow the latest on all my favourite blogs, like The Wonder Forest, The Blonde Salad, our.city.lights and many more influential internet gurus of today. I hope that you guys will follow me on my journey of expression in one of the world’s most evocative communities, and enjoy what I plan to share with you. I know that I might not be the best, and definitely number one, but always remember that you guys are number one to me. 

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