a metaphor on textbooks and other school-y wisdom

it’s a metaphor, see: you put the textbook in front of you, but you don’t give it the power to do its teaching.

Hey guys! Let’s consider this my first ‘official’ (ahaha as if anything on my blog would be ‘official’) blog post – time to make some magic happen! (back of my mind status update…isn’t that a Peter Pan quote or something?)

So I’ve just gotten back to school from my own February break and have somewhat succeeded in the act of not dying so far. ( ・w ・;) 

Because let’s face it; if you’re like me and probably have been goofing off eating who knows what and doing who knows what…having your teachers shove some school papers in your face is definitely NOT THE SWEETEST WELCOME (I mean, couldn’t they just have given us some reading time, some Chex Mix and be done with it?!)

So in honor of all my fellow suffering peers I’ve decided to create a post on just a few ways to get back into hitting the books! 

1) Procrastination Is Not Gonna Get You an A

For some amazingly strange reason, the possibility of procrastination is immensely appealing to the human mind. But as much as I personally would love it to be true, waiting till the last minute to pass in that 5 page paper ain’t gonna get you an A, no matter which way you look at it. But on the contrary, if you try to spread out your workload over a period of time (e.g. a paragraph a day, 500 words a day, etc.), you won’t have to sweat it later  

2) Excuses + Teachers? Nuh Uh. 

C’mon, we all know the classic ‘My dog ate my homework.’ But after being given a whole break to do something? You’ve got to admit that’s kind of rough ground to play your teacher on. Instead of excuses, give yourself the truth. The sooner it’s done, the sooner you can get it over with!

3) ‘If It Fits, You Feel It.’

Y’know, J.C. Penny doesn’t have it wrong. Squishing in some time into your schedule to review your material can greatly help your work both in and out of class, and believe me – it’s a great refresher when coming back from a long break. Also, keep in mind your timing and planning for homework. Doing it at 6AM in the morning before school starts is not gonna gurantee that it’s your best work, which means your grade also won’t be the best. Plan ahead, and fit everything into a smart, flexible schedule AHEAD OF TIME!  

So there you have it! Just a few tips to help you get back to school without feeling like your teachers are doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for you (ಠิωಠิ|||)

I hopes this help you – feel free to send me a question or comment through here – opinions are much loved!

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