“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” – William Morris

I don’t know where you live, but at the moment I’m starting to get my hopes up about warmer months. Even as a normally ‘lazy’ person, I’m pretty much done with the 100+ inches of snow that New England has gotten this winter. Even I’m starting to feel the springtime itch to clean out the house! Here are some of my DIY organizing tips to get you started!

♥ There’s no need to buy a jewelry hanger, not when you can make one that reflects your own personality. Useless plates and candle holders, when glued together, make the trendiest jewelry display!

♥ C’mon, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that suffers every morning searching for hair ties. For a buck you can find caribeners, (y’know, those special clips you have lying around you never use?) and put your ponytail holders on them. No more hunting for lost hair ties! 

♥ Baking is a tradition throughout even my extended family. Extra cupcake tins are always lying around, so why not organize your fun hair clips in them? By color. shape, whatever you prefer! Simple, but quite effective! 

♥ As a very craft-happy person, and daughter of a mom who loves to bring out some glitter and construction paper on any old day, art supplies are usually scattered EVERYWHERE! The solution? Old dish racks can be re-purposed to store art supplies. Markers in the silverware pocket, coloring books stacked in the main compartment, the possibilities are endless!

♥ Though some people may contradict me, my boots are my biggest winter wear. Having trouble keeping your boots upright when not using them? Cut pool noodles down to size and place them in there.

♥ When not wearing socks with shoes, the odor can be less than pleasant. Of course spring is the season of flats, so just pour some baking soda in those shoes to get rid of the problem!

♥ The chain of your necklace tangling up? No problem, just put it through a straw to keep it from doing so.

I’ve hoped these helped – especially as the days get warmer and springtime is upon us! 

Which one is YOUR favorite?

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