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Hey everybody! It’s your friendly neighborhood icecream devourer today with a sweet little DIY for you perfect for this humid summer weather. DIY ICECREAM!!

So before half of you guys start giving me that “It’s in the clearance section but that does that mean it’s on sale?” look, yes, it is a thing.

I actually found this delicious little tutorial back in May, where Mother Nature still hadn’t exactly granted Boston the pleausre of springtime 😛

But yesterday, walking through the dairy aisle with my mum, I found myself glancing at the shelves and realizing, “Heck, the icecream that I could make myself could be cheaper and possibly even more yummy than the ice-cream in my cart!” In which I decided to bring you this tutorial today. ♥

There isn’t actually much you need, as it’s quite simple and easy with probably adds to it’s tastiness. All you need is sweetly condensed milk (availible wherever you buy your groceries) and heavy whipping cream, and a flavor of your choice (ex. crumbled Oreos, red velevet cake chunks, chocolate, vanilla, etc.) That’s it.

  1. Grab a bowl, and add a pint of that heavy whipping cream (if you want to add more, than I’m not gonna stop you. Just make sure to add an increased amount for the condensed milk too!)
  2. Beat until peaks form.
  3. Add 1 can, or 14 ounces, of sweetly condensed milk.
  4. Mix until thick & well combined.
  5. Now…ADD WHATEVER YOU WANT! I was feeling a little proud of my icecream, so I felt obliged to be celebratory and throw in some caramel & brownie bits. You can do whatever you want with yours – explore different flavors outside of what your dairy aisles sell you 🙂
  6. Freeze for at least 6 hours, or you’ll just be eating thick milk and brownies (in my case, but feel free to insert whatever your flavor was in there haha)
  7. Now…TAKE A SCOOP! Go outside and sit on the patio with some Pinterest, or grab and couch with your cat and do a Netflix marathon. WIth icecream, everything is 1000x better, I promise.

Anyways, that’s about it! 2 ingredients (or technically 3), a few easy steps and a whole lot of good icecream. Happy eating!

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