#ShareYourSerenity: 5 (Pieces) Peace Of Minds


A while ago, I was scrolling through some of my feeds (gotta keep that Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter game strong!) when I came upon this wonderful post by the all-too-lovely Hannah about taking a moment for yourself and finding “serenity”. And even though her post was part of a contest by Portmeiriron, I still thought it would be fun to do my own post about what gives me a peace of mind, and share that piece (or peace, whatever pun works for you 😉 with you guys today ♥

(p.s. so I guess I cheated a little bit by adding 5 photos instead of 4, but then again, this is my unofficial entry and hey, why not more serenity?)

1) Cozy (jeans, sweaters, tea, bed, etc.)

Ever since I was little, curling up anywhere with a good cup of something warm and comforting surrounded by a haven of snuggly blankets and pillows is where I’ve always felt the safest and most sound. It may be cliche, but believe me, tea with a perfect dash of milk and oversized sweaters have kept this overly emotional girl in check for most of her life. 

2) CATS <3

You’ve seen them on my Instagram page, you’ve read them in my Twitter bio…it’s no secret that I love felines and everything related to them. My own kitty Hermione was the one I used to come to for comfort and love, and watching her sleep in her own kitty dreams gave me peace, and thoughts of her still do. Whether it’s the queen Taylor Swift’s own little princess Meredith Grey or Olivia Benson, that adorable kitty Instagram page or that random Grumpy Cat meme, I’ll be there, happy, sad, or just plain ol’ crazy cat lady 🙂

3) Plants

Everyone needs plants. We breathe plants. We see plants. We eat plants. We stare at plants for countless hours because they’re cuter than us. Okay, that last one might just be me, but it’s no secret that I love plants, especially succulents. Just seeing them give me a sense of comfort, even if it’s just on my friend’s Snapchat. 

4) Paint/Textures

This next one is probably a little strange, and is most likely adopted from my Tumblr-girl lifestyle, but I LOVE PAINT TEXTURES. Not even just drawing or painting with paint (although art is definitely a place of calm for me), but I love just the whole feel and look of dribbles of paints or brushstrokes of acrylic. I’m sorry if I’m chasing you away with my weird texture-obsession…but my Pinterest board dedicated to them still says otherwise. 

5) Desserts (Or Just Food In General)

Have you guys heard of stress eating? Well, let’s just say I stress eat…a lot. And not even just for stress, but just because I like eating. Food has always been that constant comfort, especially if it’s sweet. My love affair with all things sweet and chocolate-y has grown from homemade Chinese desserts (hands up for my lovely cultural foodie of a mum) to fancy Parisian pastries to diet pumpkin spice bars (yes, really!) and 2 ingredient icecream ♥ Sweet treats? YES PLEASE. 

I hope you enjoyed my little piece of serenity…and maybe even feel more calm yourself! I loved writing this blog post, and I hope that you guys will also write your own and tag me with #shareyourserenity.

What gives you peace of mind?

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