Christmas 2k15: WISHLIST (!!)


Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday ♡ 

 I’m trying to blog every day this week, and since it’s Turkey Week, be prepared for a whole ton of holiday posts. Honestly though, the minute October 31st ended and November 1st began, I was just like “HALLOWEENS OVER, MERRY CHRISTMAS Y’ALL”. I was a little eh about posting a Christmas wishlist so early, but I thought it would be interesting to show you guys what’s on this girl’s wishlist this year haha. I promise, I’ve been nice (as nice as possible, at least. Can’t speak to my haters 🙂 Also, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are this and next week…so…for all of those planning to get me presents this year, enjoy the inspo 😉

Ellen’s Christmas 2015 Wishlist:


1) a new iPhone (5s or 6s…r ♡se gold) THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE HOW MUCH I WANT AN IPHONE OKAY.

2) FRENDS headphones (rose gold as always + PRETTY EARRINGS AAHH); honestly I’ve wanted these forever and I kinda really need new headphones.

3) Marble Tri Black & Gold iPhone(6) Casefor whichever model I hopefully get this year hehe and because marble is everything these days 😉

4) Bando 2016 Planner “I Am Very Busy”…because I am very busy and because this is just too cute not to get oops.

5) The Cellar Gold Tone “E” Mug

6) my very own succulent (cute pot included ♡ ♡)

7) a lokai bracelet; everyone at my school (and the internet!) has one and the whole idea of these bracelets are just ♥♥ plus, these would make a fabulous addition to practically everything in my closet!!

8) CLINIQUE Acne Solutions BB Cream; these BB creams are pretty much the solutions to all my life problems in one magical bottle…acne care, sunscreem, foundation, coverage and moisturizer included.

9) BANDO Sweet Talk pen set; let’s be frank here, guys…BANDO is clearly the best brand ever as well as the most effective lets-make-Ellen-cry-for-her-money-because-she-spent-it-all-on-cute-pens seller.

10) Jansport Coral Peaches “Austin” Backpack; just because the first day of school ended a long time ago doesn’t mean that I still can’t fangirl over adorable backpacks.

11) A Work In Progress: A Memoir by Connor Franta; Connor is love & life and because he wrote his own book I’m literally so proud of him ♥ He inspires me with every growing day.

12) Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera

13) Ink & Pink Crystal Pendants

14) Vintage Optical RX Frames Black Gold; okay, so I have glasses. And I don’t REALLY need new frames but these vintage cuties are simply to amazing not to put on my list haha.

15) Michelle Phan’s Make Up (book!); Michelle is always this awe-inspiring, beautiful and just perfect ideal of everything every girl (including me!) aspire to be. This book isn’t just about makeup – it’s about life, success, and everything in between ♥

16) C L O T H E S

Here are the top 5 tops I want this year:

♡  TOPSHOP Knitted Jumper by Glamorous

♡  Vineyard Vines Pullover

♡  TRXYE Maroon Pullover

♡  “Blessed” Sweatshirt

 Chicwish Sunny Afternoon V-neck Sweater In Pink

…And that’s a wrap! Haha hope I didn’t overwhelm you guys with the amount I want this year…obviously because a) I’m definitely not getting more than 3 of these items and b) I got a little carried away while making my list online oops.

What’s on your wishlist this year?

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