DIY: Paper Geo Ornaments

Happy Thursday, guys! 

I know I haven’t been on tip-top shape with this whole Blogmas thing, but sigh, the student life truly hates me. So I’ve decided to still Blogmas, but on a looser end – posting whenever I have the opportunity and promising you that whatever I do post is the best (I hope!) content I can <33 

‘tis the season for scrolling through Pinterest boards and crying at how boring your house looks like because your parents won’t let you buy Christmas decorations anymore. So earlier, when I was reading some blogs and stumbled upon this awesome DIY about making super easy paper geo ornaments, I knew I just had to try it out, and add my own colorful + sparkly twist to it!


— 3D gem template (we used this one)


— transparent sewing thread (so you can help secure it when hanging 🙂


— scissors

— pencil

— tape

— glue


1. Print as many templates as you need for the number of shimmery little gems you’d like to make. Cut ‘em out!

2. Fold them on the lines…yes, we’re going back to kindergarten manual labor for the sake of a cute DIY. 

3. Make sure all the lines are on the inside of the shape, and apply a little dab of glue on the tabs and press firmly together. This is your basic shape – and if you don’t feel like adding much else to it, feel free to stop here! But if you’re like me and want to add glitter like a crazy 3 year old to everything, please proceed!

4. Dribble some glue (or brush it on if you’d like) on the sides you want glitterfied, and roll it in that glitter! (Doing every other side in glitter looks fab enough, but feel free to go gaga with your glitter!)

5. Use a needle to thread some gold or silver lining through the top of your ornament so it can hang wherever you want it…I put a few by my bedside and planning to bring some to spice up my locker a little 🙂

What’s your favorite Christmas tree decoration?

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