Teenage Oily/Acne Prone Skincare Routine + ADVICE!

Hey loves! 

Today I wanted to share with you guys my skincare routine and how I *attempt* to keep my skin clear/less trashy looking than usual. Key word: attempt!

Teenage skin is annoying as is, but it’s even worse when you’re genetically acne-prone and got everything from your dad’s side, including oily as hell skin…and your parents are pretty intent on keeping you as far away from Accutane and acne medication (random: but have any of you guys tried birth control from acne/killer cramps? Wanna try it but still unsure…) as possible. It sucks, but lately, I’ve been learning to make do.

Here the highlights from my routine (in case you’re being lazy & don’t feel like liking up my skincare vid if you know what I mean):

  • Investing in a quality cleanser FOR YOUR SKINTYPE (!!) is key to EVERYTHING. 

I use (and LOVEEEE) the L’oreal Paris Go 360 Deep Facial Cleanser For Sensitive Skin (less than $5 & seriously cleared up my skin and oiliness during the day!)

Believe me, I get it, putting that extra $5-20 into your routine that you could be spending on something else brings me occasional sleepless nights as well, but when your skin is looking fresh and as clean as a (CLEAN!) baby’s butt…it’s worth it. Do your research beforehand and always read/watch reviews on the product by people with your skintype. On that note…GENTLE IS ALWAYS BETTER! You don’t need organic everything but if you love your skin properly it’ll start loving you back, I promise.


Honestly one of the best masks I’ve ever tried (and is actively using every week!) is the L’oreal Pure Clay Mask.

Nowadays, there’s always some new mask made of 24 karat gold or one that takes you through hell and back to degunk your pores, but when it comes down to it, you can’t get any better than good ol’ clay masks, especially if you have oily skin like me and need all the toxin-pulling you can get. I’ve heard good things about the Aztec Clay Masks, but I’m sticking with regular clay for now. It tightens and leaves your face feeling moisturized and cleansed, especially if you wash the face off whilst exfoliating!


Yes, even if you produce enough oil on your face to create a small oil spill in the ocean. After masks and acne treatments, your skin needs to retain moisture to make sure you don’t get blemishes and discoloration or even more breakouts, which is a thing I didn’t learn the hard way until recently. Just make sure you stick with something that’s water based and not ot oil-based…we’re making a protective layer for your skin to breathe through, not adding to the oil!

  • Vaseline is God’s gift to mankind (after bread & microwaves, of course.)

I know a lot of you live for your coconut oil, and believe me, I do too, but unless I’m using it in a DIY, cooking with it or removing my makeup with it, it’s a no no for my skin. Instead, I’ve found that Vaseline is way more effective, and even if doesn’t outright clear my face up, it helps it heal after harsh treatments and is amazing as a night moisturizer to wear to bed with. No, there isn’t any residue on my pillow or on my face the next morning, and no, it actually doesn’t clog pores. It’s completely non-comodegenic, and serves as a layer that keeps the moisture in and the bad things out. Also, incredibly afforadable. I use it everywhere..my face, my lips, and yes, TMI, but my rashes too.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and a few quick tips that I wish people had told me when I began having skin issues 🙁 

What’s some of your favorite skincare tips/products? Share and comment to save a life (or at least a skincare fiasco!)

I love you all, and until next time!


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