20 Things Middle School Taught Me

I wrote my first ever blog post a few months into 2015 – my sixth-grade year.

I’ll be a graduating 8th grader tomorrow, Friday 23rd, 2017.

Back then, I was an awkward, self-conscious girl unused to friendships, happiness, and even using my voice. If sixth grade, fresh-outta-elementary school me met me now, believe me, she would have been filled with awe at the loud, drastically more confident and happy extroverted girl who’s about to graduate in a few days. Even now, sometimes I still can’t believe this is who I am, sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worseIt’s amazing, as well as terrifying, at how fast the last three years of my life have gone by and how much growth I’ve experienced academic-wise, mental-wise, and friendship-wise. While that sounds like I’m about to break into a sob story and have inspirational dramatic music playing in the background, it’s simply a fact. In middle school, people change, life changes, and so do you. So here are the 20 biggest things middle school, through hell and happiness, taught me.

  • Whatever is stressing you out right now – family, friends, that essay due next week – is not the end of the world, I promise.
  • REMEMBER. TO. BREATHE. Take a deep breath before your presentation, a deep breath before you go to bed, a deep breath before you talk to that guy you like – nerves suck, but I promise, you can handle them!!
  • Drama and gossip, whether yours or someone else’s, is unavoidable, but remember to try to see how the other person sees the issue. Sometimes, they’re just as hurt, upset, or confused as you are – BE CONSIDERATE!
  • Stop procrastinating. No, seriously, bribe yourself, download Forest and block all those distracting websites/apps, do whatever you can to stay. Focused. It’s hard, and maybe you do need to watch the season finale of Riverdale, but I promise, you can watch it AFTER you do what you need to do, and you can do it without guilt! And maybe even reward yourself with pizza 🙂
  • You are not the center of the universe. Guess what: you’re not even the center of your OWN universe. If you and your universe are actually decent, you’ll put your friends and family first. These people will define the rest of your lives.
  • Quality over quantity. Admit it: almost all of us want to be somewhat popular, and sitting at a lunch table alone isn’t on most people’s bucketlists. But more friends will never be as rewarding as BEST friends who you’re tight with and can vent to at 4 AM, no judgment.
  • Always have a group of friends to fall back on. During middle school, I tried joining different groups of friends, and while I did make new connections, sometimes I just wasn’t comfortable with them. I belong in multiple friend groups now, but middle school is prime time for drama and fall outs. Always have a group of people that you can talk to and sit with at lunch – way better than sitting alone because you and your best friend in your music class fought last night, I swear. 
  • Remember to thank your parents. Yes, they can be strict, and yes, they’re definitely annoying at times, but in the end, their purpose as parents is to support their children, even if it might not seem like it. They’re still feeding you, paying for the Internet, and driving you to everywhere you need to go. Plus, a quick thank you might mean they’ll be more lenient on your weekend plans!
  • Be kind to your teachers. I guarantee that they aren’t paid enough, and seeing how their job is to attempt to teach and foster a whole grade of pubescent teenagers into young adults, they might as well be miracle workers. So instead of complaining, just do it. Complain to your friends instead. Hey, your teachers DO grade you on overall behavior…
  • Time heals (almost) everything. So give it time. Give them time. Give yourself time.
  • Being someone who you’re not is not only hella hard, but also really easy to mess up by accident. If you like that cringey TV show, don’t pretend like you don’t, because your mask will slip and you’re not the only one who does, I swear!
  • Popularity does not mean you’ll be happier.
  • You’re not losing anything by dropping a fake or toxic friendship – there are 7 BILLION people out there!
  • Just because you’re hurting does not mean you can hurt others.
  • Middle school relationships are even less tangible than high school ones there’s a difference between crushing and actually maintaining a healthy relationship! Sometimes, it’s just better to be friends.
  • There is always someone who is willing to listen and talk to you. Google 7cups or reach out to someone who you haven’t talked to in a while 🙂
  • Don’t expect others to love you until you can start to love yourself a bit more first.
  • Whatever someone did to you will not hurt any less if you do it to someone else.
  • Create your own happiness. True joy doesn’t come out of nowhere. Try something new, smile at five random strangers…make others happy and you will be too.
  • People will try to break you. Learning to give them a pitiful smile and ignore their comments is a better revenge.
  • You’re gonna get through it. Everything will be okay in the end. Negativity does nothing but attracts more negativity. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and remember that no matter how old you are, every experience offers an opportunity to learn and grow. It might not always be easy, but what ever is in life? (Maybe except making cereal!)

Anyways, love you all and leave some comments with your own life lessons and share with others 🙂

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