#SoItsSunday: Life Lately & Other Happy Things

Hey loves! Happy Sundayyyy 💖

As many of you know, I absolutely love Sundays. Unlike other days of the week, there’s something so simple and wonderful about them. Sundays mark both an ending and a beginning – literally and mindfully. You wake up on a Sunday morning with only one more day of the week ahead of you, yet you also fall asleep at night knowing that tomorrow is a new beginning. Not to mention that Sundays are a great excuse to utilize restaurant’s brunch deals and appreciate everything just a bit more ☺️

This week, while mostly chill without too many outings or extravagant events, has been filled with so many smiles and has re-instilled an inner calm that I hadn’t felt in a while. I feel like I do too many life updates with depressive and sentimental notes, so today, I decided to share one that focuses especially on happy things that did happen this week and even happier things I’m looking forward to next week (only a nights sleep away!!)


  • This week was my first as an official middle school graduate…so even though it’s summer vacation, I’m technically a high school freshman now! #classof21, where you at?
  • I finally started packing for my two month trip abroad in China!!
  • Went all-out on Thursday with an athleisure mini shopping spree. New Nike merch, anyone?

  • My laptop started working normally again ahhh
  • Started bullet-journaling (once again) and it’s working quite productively – minimalism really is better.
  • Spent a gorgeous, albeit humid, day at the park with one of my closest friends while also getting to know some mutual friends better!
  • Baked mini pizzas and made homemade noodles with my mom and lil sister. Turns out flour, although not permanent, is a pain if your wardrobe consists of mostly black!


  • Being a part of my town’s 4th of July Parade + festivities!
  • Fireworks – need I say more?
  • Less humid weather after a week of high dewpoints and short tempers…FINALLY.
  • Traveling to China, somewhere I haven’t been to since I was 4 years old!
  • Going on a plane for the first time in 10 years (let’s ignore the fact that it’ll be16 hours of nonstop flight…)
  • Seeing my grandparents and relatives for the first time in 10 years (again, many firsts-in-a-decade next week!)
  • Taking plenty of pictures + beginning my first ever travel vlog!!

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