How To End 2017 Right

Merry Christmas Eve!

It still blows my mind every time when I realize that, surprise, 2015 was actually TWO years ago, not last year??

And in less than 6 days, 2015 will be THREE YEARS AGO.

I know, I know. Time flies when you’re having fun, or, when it’s 2017, net neutrality has been repealed, Donald Trump is handling foreign affairs via Twitter and the world has become a reality TV show that never ends. Oh, 2017.

Last year, I compiled a list of things of 10 Things You Should Do Before 2016 Ends. One year later, and we’re here again.

I find it funny how I complained about the state of the world last year and this year I have debatably better reasons for the frustration that extends much farther than my annoyance with bottle flipping. Either way, here’s a new bucket list of things to do in order to leave 2017 on a good note.

Cheers, y’all. We’re almost done.

Happy holidays and here’s to 2017.

It was one hell of a show and a round of applause to everyone who’s made it this far.

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