School Life Hacks: Better Student, Better Grades

Hey guys! Happy Monday.

One of my teachers firmly believes in the mantra “you are not your grades.” And it’s true – letter grades and history test scores don’t measure the kindness in your heart, what kind of memes you like, your favorite artist, or the other contents of your character. But if you want to succeed academically grades matter, and so do the actions you take to improve them.

Even though I’m only a high school freshman, these are the tips I’ve sworn by for the last 9 years to maintain a typically all A report card, both in class and out.

Keep in mind how I said a “typically” all A report card. Constant perfection is not only incredibly hard to achieve but also mentally and physically draining to maintain.

High grades aren’t the only thing that contributes to being a strong and effective student and everyone has different methods of learning. Take this list as you will and regardless of what your academic goals may be, I hope these tips help you!


That’s it for now! Hopefully, these tips helped you.

They’re only a few out of many, so feel free to leave a comment with student life hacks have helped you. 

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