Spring Break Essentials/Favorites!

Hey y’all, happy Sunday!

Listen, I live in New England, so “spring” hasn’t exactly been a thing for us this year. I mean, it literally SNOWED today. It’s April but Mother Nature is still playing 😩 Honestly, what did we do to make it so hard for us to have just one day that’s actually above 50 degrees? And not raining/hailing/snowing? Is it REALLY that much to ask? A girl just wants to wear a t-shirt outside without being at risk for hypothermia…

Either way, I’m pumped for spring break. So instead of further complaining about the weather (revert to my constant weather ailments-inspired Instagram captions instead), I’ve compiled a list of the top ten or so things getting me through spring break! 


Alright, that’s it for now. As you can tell, I’ve been trying to post more, so let me. know what you guys want to see more of/what y’all have been up to lately! As always, hit me up on Instagram or Twitter.

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