Tourist In My Own City: Boston, MA


It’s been a while, partly because I’ve been busy with school, and partly because I’ve been exploring. If you know me in real life (or follow me on Instagram, which you totally should!), then you know how much I love wandering around Boston, Massachusetts. Even though I don’t live directly within in the city, I live in a suburb close enough to it that I can take a train into the city after school to get a latte with friends or spend spring days on the Common and nearby museums with my family. The latter actually ended up being exactly what I did over my spring break, so I thought I would share a few of the places I went to!

Whether you’re a first-time tourist in Boston or a frequent city dweller, Boston is really one of those places that has something for everyone. Here are some of my highlights:


Museum of Science:

Honestly, regardless of your age or how many times you’ve visited the Science Museum before, the MOS continues to have something with a “wow” factor every time I go. I love watching films in their Mugar Omni Dome Theater (180 degrees documentaries, yes please!) or checking out cool exhibits, like the Butterfly Garden and neon mirror maze! Also, their food court is amazing. Just saying.

Look at the view of the Charles! The MOS is pretty photogenic.

Three floors of epicness.

Did I mention how cool even their lobby is?

Their neon mirror maze is one of the best exhibits I’ve ever been to.

New England Aquarium:

Okay, so my brows look really fake in this pic, but hey, the fish are real!

Unfortunately, we didn’t catch a seal show, but they looked pretty cute anyways just chilling in their marine pool.

Institute of Contemporary Art:

Although this is a relatively small museum with only one floor of galleries, the art is always so cool and I love their waterfront location in the Seaport District. Their lawn is also a great place to chill and get ~jazzy~ in the summer!

Their “Internet in the Modern Age” gallery right now is one of my favorite features to date. Definitely a must-see if you’re around!

The Corner Mall, Downtown Crossing:

Downtown Crossing is one of my favorite places in Boston, second to only Beacon Hill (don’t worry, there’ll be a whole post on my love for Beacon Hill laterrrrrr.) I love the Corner Mall’s food court. You won’t find a cheaper place to eat anywhere else in Boston, I swear!


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