Top 10 Favorite Songs of Spring 2018

Heyyy! Happy Sunday.

Currently writing this post at a hackathon at Harvard University. Pretty exciting stuff (I’ll do a post later on my experience + project) but to say its tiring, to say the least. I’m 80% brain dead and 20% pizza, sparkling water, sugar, and other assorted ~comfort foods~ because coding is HARD, MAN.

If it wasn’t for my music, I honestly have no idea how I would have gotten through the day so far (currently hour 12 out of 24…) or this spring. My music taste has been all over the place lately, which is pretty parallel to my life mood. I started the spring with an obsession for musical soundtracks, found some new EDM songs, and now I have a whole playlist dedicated to rap songs even though I used to hate the genre? Yeah, I don’t even know why either.

I recently got Spotify Premium and it’s literally the best thing I’ve ever gotten for myself. Seriously, get it. In the meantime, though, you can appreciate my songs instead! Leave me some song recommendations in the comments. 

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