Being “Unique” In The Era of “Basic” ft. Caseapp

I’m not going to lie — I consider myself a pretty “basic” girl, at least when it comes to the traits the Internet has most attributed to “basic.”

Matcha frappucinos from Starbucks (coconut milk, no sugar) are my chosen fuel for everything from the school day to my bi-monthly mall shopping trips. I’m obsessed with rose gold, marble, avocados, putting my food in mason jars “for the aesthetic,” taking photos of said food, overpriced striped t-shirts, using the word “lit,” “finesse,” “hmu” — and in the rare cases when I’m not participating in physical acts of basicness, I’m online, managing my social media accounts to match whatever color palette I’m obsessed with (if you follow my Instagram, you’ve probably noticed the orange and teal…). So pretty much whatever else mainstream pop culture manages to produce that I haven’t already seen before, I can learn to love pretty fast.

However, in a world where it’s so easy to become generic or be labeled as “basic” for liking things that also happen to be popular in the status quo, there also arises the question of what it actually means to be unique. Is it reasonable to label someone who’s actually interesting, engaging, and filled with personality as “basic” just because they love avocado toast and palm prints as much as the girl dressed in leggings and Uggs with a Starbucks coffee in one hand and an Aeropostale bag in the other? In fact, how do we know that she’s actually basic? What if she too is unique, but exists in a world where everyone else around her is unique in the exact same way?

These are the questions that I kept in mind when, a few weeks ago, I had the awesome opportunity to partner with Caseapp to produce unique phone cases.

Anyone who has heard of Caseapp probably knows that their service offers two options: you can either buy premade phone case designs, or you can upload your own designs and create something 100% by you and for you.

Of course, being the hopefully “unique” creative I want to believe I am, I took the latter.

Here are the two cases I created:

The blue case is actually a light teal watercolor/marble-esque design complete with gold swirls and a matching gold monogram of my initials. Even though I went through the whole “preppy style” phase in 6th grade, when choosing between “to monogram” or “not to monogram,” you always go for the monogram…especially if it’s gold AND cursive!

My second case was a lot less “unique” in the sense that I didn’t really customize it as much as I wish I had. I wanted a case that was more “neutral” than the other iPhone cases I’ve owned, so I went with a light pink marble design.

As you can probably tell, I LOVE marble. Basic or not basic, there’s nothing more timeless or classy than marble in all its wonderful, Pinterestable glory.

At the end of the day, uniqueness lies not in the attributes that make you different, but instead, in the way you own those qualities that make you truly one of a kind. You see, phone cases are only as cookie cutter as you let them be, which is why companies like CaseApp! Check them out @ to browse

If you guys are interested in purchasing your own custom case, feel free to use my discount code “ELLEWENN20” at checkout! However, I’m also running a giveaway for a FREE case on my Instagram (@ellewenn) which ends on June 30th, 2018…so feel free to check that out as well!

What do you guys think it means to be unique in the world and society we live in today? Drop a line or two in the comments 🙂

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