Why Switching From Tumblr To WordPress Is The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done

Happy Monday!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that I’ve been a diehard supporter of Tumblr bloggers and using their platform to blog. Not only do I love the social media aspect of Tumblr, but I loved the many user-created themes and easy-to-use HTML/CSS editor. After all, it was because of my desire to customize my blog that made me learn HTML/CSS in the first place!

Yet a week ago, around 12am, I decided to switch from Tumblr, a platform I’ve used from the very beginning of my blog (almost 3 years ago!) to WordPress, a platform that I had originally thought was too limiting and confusing to use. 

However, just a week later, I honestly don’t know why I had made the change sooner.

The Story:

Okay, so saying that I had done this all at 12am on a Monday night makes it seem as if it was completely a impulse decision. In some ways, I suppose that’s true. After all, going into this, I had no idea how to even import my previous Tumblr server to my new one on WordPress. I didn’t even know how to reconfigure my DNS, the difference between or or even what theme I wanted to use.

Yet despite all this, there was something that I did know: I needed change. 

After 3 years of blogging, I feel like I’ve never gotten into it fully. I love taking photos, editing them, coding my site, and networking with other bloggers. Yet there was always something missing. I would take month-long blogging hiatuses because I just didn’t feel like my site was something that I was proud of or something that I wanted others to see. 

However, with WordPress, the complete contrary is true. I love my website. Although there are some aesthetic details I still need to work out (i.e. my previous posts all had titles edited onto the featured photos whereas my current theme would look better if the pics have no text in the display), I’m finally satisfied with EFL’s presentation. 

Here’s what my blog looked like before:

Honestly, the reason why I think I had stuck with Tumblr so long was because I had coded most of my site by myself in the summer of 7th grade, so my website was sort of memorabilia of my first “big” coding passion project. It was sentimental and I was attached, even though deep down, I knew that it no longer represented what I wanted for my blog.

…and here’s what my blog looks like now!

As you can tell, I’m still using some of the same graphics (see: logo, sidebar images, etc.) and plugins (see: AddThis, Bloglovin’, MailMunch) as I did with my previous Tumblr blog, but the overall site is more refined, professional, and clean than anything 7th grade me could ever have produced with her beginner HTML/CSS skills.

The Process

Alright, let’s talk ~logistics.~

All in all, transferring from Tumblr to WordPress wasn’t as hard or as bad as I thought it would be. However, that’s not accounting for the three hours or so I spent trying to figure out how to not only redirect my domain, but also update all of my links and make sure that my website’s buttons sent the reader to my, not my domain.

Speaking of my 000webhost domain, I’m currently using their servers combined with to host my website. It’s honestly pretty neat, despite the annoying little “Powered by 000Webhost” banner on the bottom of my website. Hey, at least its free and gets the job done!

Basically, I first transferred all of my Tumblr posts to my new WordPress blog. There are tons of articles on this online so I won’t bore you with the details, but sending my posts over was definitely one of the easier parts of the transition.

Then came updating my theme and links. To say that it was a technical headache would be an understatement.

Currently, I’m using the Bard theme, which is everything I’ve ever wanted for my website. So aesthetically, I have no complaints. However, because of my issues with the domain and redirecting my links, I might’ve ever so slightly broken the live-time visual editor when switching domains and hosting servers. At 1am, I was almost ready to undo everything and go back to my good ol‘ Tumblr blog.

Then I discovered the All-In-One WP Migration plug-in, which was a straight up miracle worker.

It was able to accomplish everything I had been struggling with for hours in less than a minute. It not only fixed my linking issue, but updated every. Single. One. Of. My. Links. Ever. I finally had my site working with the right domain, right links…EVERYTHING! I could finally go to bed!

I love WordPress plug-ins. Instead of me having to manually embed all these cool features like I had to with my Tumblr site, I can just go into the giant WordPress plug-in library, find a premade application for whatever I need to get done, and boom. Seamless integration with no headache involved.

The Verdict

As you can tell, the switch from WordPress is not only one of the best things I’ve ever done for my blog, but it’s also one of the best things I’ve done for myself as a creative content maker. To put it simply, WordPress is better for my blog than Tumblr ever was. It hurts to say that because of how much sentimental value my old blog holds (btw, you can still check it out here: if you’re curious on what it used to look like!).

However, my blog doesn’t serve to be a relic of coding experience. It’s a lifestyle blog I created to share ideas with and for like-minded teens like myself, and now, on WordPress, I finally feel like I can do just that and so much more.

WordPress has an easy to use post editor, an awesome selection of widgets and plug-ins, and tons of features that Tumblr could never even think to offer. Although I understand that Tumblr was an over-looked and therefore less popular lifestyle blogging platform from the very beginning, if you’re in the same position as I once was, here’s your sign:

Do it. Switch. It’s worth it, I promise.

Hey, if you reach out to me over email, social media, or hell, even the comment section, I’d be more than happy to help you on your own transition! Honestly, even if you don’t use Tumblr but you’re not already using and your own server, just switch for your own good. Seriously.

As always, feel free to hit me up on one of my socials (Insta: @ellewenn or tweet me @elleforlife) or leave a comment below on what platform you currently use and why you like it! 

Lots of love.

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