From 1k to 40k: The Pinterest Hack That Quadruples Engagement

A while ago, I remember reading an article on how to increase social media engagement.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, this article would be the one that would forever change how I used Pinterest.

I honestly wish I could remember where I saw the article or who wrote it not only because they deserve to be credited, but because it was that very article that inspired me to try out this “hack” to boost Pinterest growth:

‘Pin’ content for 15 minutes every day in order to increase engagement by tenfold and gain new, unique profile views.

Despite seeing this tip a while ago, it wasn’t until recently that I started to truly implement it. Part of this is due to my switch from a personal Pinterest account to a business profile. Although this wasn’t the only thing that contributed to my Pinterest growth, it did help me see results a lot better and quicker. To say that this switch has been life-changing (or, at least blog game-changing) would be an understatement! Not only has it improved the inspirational content that is curated onto my boards and homepage, but it’s also enabled me to view both my Pinterest profile and blog analytics, which showed me this incredibly sweet, swEET number today:

Oh babyyyyyyy.

Yup, that’s right — 46.1k page views. To some, this number might only be a fraction of their own. However, I wish I had taken a screenshot of my profile two weeks ago when that number had only been around 10k or so…which means that my page has QUADRUPLED in views over the course of two weeks, all because I’ve been Pinning for a simple 15 minutes a day. If that’s not Pinterest growth, I don’t know what is.

Let’s be honest, 15 minutes on Pinterest is nothing compared to the amount of time we spend on other social media platforms, especially Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and even Twitter. Plus, I can’t be the only who’s gone down the Pinterest rabbit hole before. It always starts with just ~one~ picture….then another….and pretty soon, you’ve got like five new Pinterest boards and an hour has gone by 🤷🏻‍♀️

This isn’t a mistake or weird analytics bug. Instead, this hack capitalizes on the very thing that makes Pinterest so unique: it’s algorithm. So if you’re looking to increase your Pinterest growth in a simple method that actually gives results, keep on reading!

Here’s how it works:

Unlike platforms like Instagram or Twitter, Pinterest is truly an idea-sharing application. Everything you Pin and re-Pin from others is shared in a giant web effect.

As Orion Creative so aptly illustrated, here’s how Pinterest functions:

Image result for how pinterest works

Pretty dope, right?

So by Pinning every day for 15 minutes, not only do you end up sharing enough Pins that at least a handful of them will be reshared by those who follow you, but the chances of your Pins being mixed into Pins that appear on others’ dashboards increases in turn. The result? Incredible Pinterest growth.

Now, you might be wondering what the difference between “page views” and actual followers are.

Personally, I don’t really “follow” people on Pinterest, since so much of my dashboard is determined by Pinterest’s algorithm and is rarely composed of just things that those I follow have Pinned. If you’re just starting out on the platform and don’t have a lot of content for Pinterest to use when determining what to show you, then it’s smart to follow at least ten or so Pinners and a good amount of boards. In order to boost Pinterest growth, you actually need somewhere to start from, haha. Yet doesn’t matter if it’s 10 followers or 10k followers — this hack will make Pinterest growth happen.

However, because Pinterest followers aren’t the only factor in how discoverable you are on the network, I believe that page views are way more valuable. Page views are representative of not only how discoverable you are, but also how much actual engagement you’re getting.

Yet even if you disregard the numbers, disregard the meaning behind all these social engagement words, and hell, even disregard the algorithm, at the end of the day, here’s the only thing you need to know:

‘Pin’ content for 15 minutes every day in order to increase engagement by tenfold and gain new, unique profile views.

If you guys try out this tip, let me know how it goes! For me, it was definitely a Pinterest game-changer. Hopefully, the results are the same — or even better! — for y’all.

Also, don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest @ theellenyang.

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  • Abbiee

    This is awesome, Elle!! I’ve been really wanting to devote more time to growing my Pinterest, so this came at exactly the right time for me! 🙂 I’m totally going to try this hack. It’s tricky to make a habit at first but I can see where it would be easy (and enjoyable) once you get the hang of it! ❤️

    rock on,

    • Ellen

      Thank you, Abbie! It really is a struggle at first, but hey, trust me when I say that the results are SO worth it! Let me know how it goes for you.

  • Rosie

    Thank you thank you for this simple tip! I have been wondering how people explode their following on Pinterest, and here I was complicating it when I could have simplified it. 😉

  • Todd Shriber

    This math is completely wrong. The word quadruple means to multiply by 4, therefore either having to start from 10k or end at 4k. This severely dissatisfies my mathematical side.

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