Launching My Own Social Media Agency!

Hey guys!

So, as you have probably deducted from my lack of blog posts recently, things have been a bit quiet on my blog. Don’t worry though — I have plenty of posts lined up for the next few months! However, new posts aren’t the only exciting things that I’m eager to put into motion the next few months…I’m also beyond thrilled to announce the creation of Elysia Media, a social media marketing/digital media management agency founded by yours truly! Elysia Media specializes in transforming local small businesses into rapidly growing and well-recognized brands through the power of social media and digital marketing formulated to match each client’s individual needs. At Elysia, we sit down with each client, talking through their company’s goals, their current social media presence, and the kind of digital connection they went to form with their customers. Unlike other marketing agencies, this kind of positive goal-setting and best foot forward atmosphere continues all throughout service. Even our most basic package, Seed, offers weekly one-on-one marketing coaching/debrief with a social media specialist (i.e. strategizing engagement boosts, goal setting, etc.) that can turn into the daily meetings that our luxury package, Blossom, highlights. In addition to the typical services marketing agencies offer — graphic design, social media campaigns, etc. — Elysia also offers another twist on what digital media presences can mean for businesses. Our packages also offer website design and mobile app services for our clients which means that not only can you get a fully responsive, SEO-optimized website, but also have the choice of creating an app for your next event or appointment making service. The customizability is truly endless, but trust us when we say that the marketing results areĀ real. I’ll go into further details later on, but as for now, I just wanted to let y’all know about Elysia and how beyond thrilled I am to turn my wide assortment of social media marketing and digital media skills that I’ve mastered from years of managing my blog and own online presence and those of the companies I’ve interned for into an actual company headed by myself. I hope you guys will join me in this journey and hey, if you know anyone who’s looking for a friendly, collaborative, and affordable digital marketing agency, feel free to direct them to Elysia Media! To learn more, check out our website:, follow us on Instagram @elysiamedia, or email us at
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