About Me

Hey there! I’m Ellen, a high schooler from the Greater Boston Area. Welcome to my blog!

Although I originally started this blog in middle school as a place for me to fill with the things in life that inspired me and frustrated me; Youtube recipes that made me want to go into the fridge and cook something different; Pinterest posts that made me want to suddenly buy holographic scissors and 20 rolls of washi tape so I could recreate an awesome DIY project (true story, by the way…and that’s how my bullet journal was born!)

These days, though, Elle for Life isn’t just about me. It’s about this great, constantly changing world around me and how I, despite just being a teenager with Internet access, want to affect those around me. For example, after struggling with my mental health for the majority of my teenage life, I started writing posts that weren’t just me ranting about myself, but posts on how to help those who struggle just like I did — and still do — with happiness, stress, and anxiety.

Not only did blogging help bring out the extrovert out of me, but this blog also inspired my passion for graphic design. Although had always loved writing and being creative with presentations and digital visuals, starting a blog got me interested in coding. Now, I’m happy to say that I plan on entering the STEM & communications field when I’m older, hopefully, either as a web developer or the CEO of my own start-up. Maybe even full-time influencer!

I love making DIYs, eating good food, traveling, photography/videography, the arts, and of course, blogging. I also have a weak spot for cheese fries, matcha lattés, and cats.

Like, a REALLY big weak spot.


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